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Title: Yellow Artist: Coldplay 181,025 plays

Look at the stars
Look how they shine for you,
And all the things that you do…

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Title: I Stand Corrected Artist: Vampire Weekend 10,213 plays



Vampire Weekend l I Stand Corrected

Morning jam for the morning people

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play it just do it

Play this at my wedding, of funeral. Either.

I could tell by the picture that I would not be disappointed. And I was definitely not.

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Hans Zimmer | Time
I will never be able to deal with this music.

forever reblog.

Inception’s 4 year anniversary in 6 days :’)

Title: XO With Me Artist: Sam Smith x Beyoncé 108,237 plays

Sam Smith x Beyoncé | ‘XO With Me’ (SmadaLeinad Mashup)

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feeling down? friendly reminder that sara bareilles’ cover of fuck you exists and it’s great for many reasons including

  • no changing of pronouns
  • she doesn’t censor herself 

also she’s just generally fab

#its worth it just to imagine a world in which sara bareilles is in love with a girl#just imagine that world for a while#a better world


can we agree that sara barielles is amazing and beautiful and talented and ugh

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Title: Anthems for a Seventeen Year Old Girl Artist: Broken Social Scene 1,991 plays


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Title: All I Want (Kodaline Cover) Artist: Ellie Goulding 5,069 plays


All I Want (Kodaline Cover) - Ellie Goulding 

If you loved me
Why’d you leave me?
Take my body
Take my body

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Title: Old Money Artist: Lana Del Rey 127,157 plays

Download the full track “Old Money” here

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Title: Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High (Acoustic) Artist: Arctic Monkeys 882,169 plays


Arctic Monkeys - Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High (Acoustic)

fucking hell

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Title: Space Jam Theme Song 113,915 plays


Come on and Slam, and welcome to the Jam
Come on and Slam, if you wanna Jam

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Acoustic versions of songs were created to make people cry

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Title: Old Money Artist: Lana Del Rey 12,563 plays

Where have you been? Where did you go?
Those summer nights seem long ago
And so is the girl you used to call
The Queen of New York City

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Title: Brooklyn Baby Artist: Lana Del Rey 2,121 plays

Lana Del Rey - Brooklyn Baby

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