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Just wanted to say thanks again to hitrecord and hitrecordjoe for liking my stuff enough to use it.

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"Departed Souls - Tiny Story"

Tiny Story REmix by joellen

HERE on hitRECord


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Hey! I made this! Go heart it or something. 

Alone Again by joellen on hitRECord

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Open Road by joellen on hitRECord

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Color Changing Pencils by joellen on hitRECord

Memories by joellen on hitRECord

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Static Sunglasses by joellen on hitRECord

Elsewhere 2 by joellen on hitRECord

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Coffee Clouds by joellen on hitRECord

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Skull Reel by joellen on hitRECord

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The Ballerina by joellen on hitRECord

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Cool Tiny Book vending claw machine at Sundance

So cool!!!

Thought I should celebrate this moment with a GIF! Thanks hitrecord and hitrecordjoe!!

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Shooting one of the monologues for Hitrecord On TV





Harold Perrineau and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in ‘The Edge of Space’ (Reference Cut)

This combined with tdolan's performance is going to leave people crying buckets.

This probably won’t get used now, but enjoy DevinLevi’s performance along with tdolan.  Watch:

Oh man, I missed that Ryan Coogler wrote this script (based on Kubi's).

I love this. And I love that Joe snatched up Ryan Coogler who wrote and directed the Sundance winner Fruitvale. And most of all I love that Harold is in this. Mercutio, my love.