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Ellen helps Conan master rolling in a hamster ball.

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Scoundrel for life.

He shot first, you know :)

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ellen page being gorgeous (as usual) on conan

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Ellen Page on Conan

I have yet to encounter anything as sexy as the Colbert, Stewart, O’Brien Late Night Fight Dance-Off (2008).

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Weird connection? 

Some of you may not know, last nights Saturday Night Live opening monologue was based on the “5 Timer Club” opening Tom Hanks first did in 1990. In that skit, then writer for SNL Conan O’Brien greeted Hanks, offering him the 5 Timer smoking jacket. Fast forward to 2013. SNL writer Mike O’Brien welcomes Justin Timberlake to the club. Coincidence?

Anyway. I guess now is a good time for you to check out Mike O’Brien’s hilarious online series 7 Minutes in Heaven.

An O’Brien always works the door at the Five-Timers Club.




Ryan Gosling is a little pretty white cake, well-dressed, with a little flower on it. [x]

Anthony Mackie is basically the best interviewee ever. This is not even unusual for him, is the thing. HE IS ROUTINELY THIS EXCELLENT.

I want to marry him

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I understand that [the costumes] are so heavy and so thick, and you’re shooting in the heat, that you fainted? (x)

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Aziz Ansari on ‘Conan’

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  on Halloween costumes 

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